To make available to small- and mid-sized businesses the solutions and expertise that is typically only available to large well-capitalized companies, thereby enabling them to achieve their long-term financial, economic, and operational vision.
Our vision: To be the best-known hands-on specialized management consulting firm for small- and mid-sized businesses in the Southwest.


We understand that providing training and development to employees allows employers to pinpoint the knowledge and skills they want their employees to have. Training and development programs can educate employees about new skills or provide updates on existing skills to enhance productivity. As technology advances and workplace strategies evolve, companies need to align with
these changes regarding knowledge and skills. One of the best ways to enhance learning and skills is through training. Providing employees with relevant and consistent exercise can help improve performance and efficiency in the workplace.
With Dallas Diversity 24/7, we will customize the learning material to make the training more relevant to your company. We will provide examples and case studies from within your organization, industry,
or city. Our training material includes everything you will need for your workshop (usually one day). Our material will consist of a customized training manual for use during the seminar, customized PowerPoint slides, icebreakers and activities, pre-and post-assessment, and quizzes to determine the
level of understanding and success rate.

In accordance with Licensing Agreement between Dallas Diversity 24/7 and Courseware, all rights and materials listed Dallas Diversity 24/7's schedule of training remain the property of Courseware and is licensed to Dallas Diversity 24/7 for training
purposes only.

For course description please contact info@dallasdiversity247.com


Dallas Diversity 24/7 will ensure your employees are actively engaged from the moment we walk into the training environment with gamified elements strategically scattered throughout the entire staff training process. Gaming for learning combines fun with instructional design t create a training platform that will hold an employee's attention and motivate them to finish a seminar. Gamification in employee training lets new hires make mistakes and figure out
the optimal strategies and solutions- without the pressure of performing perfectly. It is common practice for companies to document customer success stories in case studies to market their products to future clients.
Dallas Diversity 24/7 will use these customer success stories as an innovative employee training method! Our in-person and online options will energize
learning, increase participation, recognize accomplishments, and make it fun and memorable no matter the topic. The training courses are structured to enable both the theoretical understanding and practical experience of using a variety of core learning skills and techniques across industries and functional areas of: